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"FASHION ART and MORE" Sabrina Spinelli & Paolo Distaso


On Monday 26/02/2018, the seventh edition of the International Luxury Event "FASHION ART and MORE", on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week.

FASHION ART and MORE is an event where fashion, art and entertainment come together to create a unique evening. The appointment is scheduled only during Milan Fashion Week, when Made in Italy and International stylists present their collections exclusively.

Organizers include Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You® (Event Manager, Consultant Stylist and Brand Management for Business, Award International of 2017 as a manager and a Business woman) and Paolo Distaso B & 20 Event Milan, (Event Management and Vernissage, Fiere and scouting Model). 

Haute Couture and Fashion Art, the favorite styles for participation in the event, carefully selected by the consultant for stylists and managers Sabrina Spinelli, presented in symbiosis with the direct Vernissage by Paolo Distaso and sponsorships and exhibitions of luxury brands.The Haute Couture on the catwalk therefore, with the Made in Italy of the luxury brand Vivi L'Arte dell'Atelier bresciano, where the transposition of form and color, from static materials, pass to the versatility of excellent fabrics that become wearable art; PCUBE BLACK the total look luxury collection presented in absolute preview by the well-known Milanese photographer Alex Alberti; Enrico Nicodemo of the Demò Art & Design brand, present both with the exhibition of his luxury thrones and the paintings realized with his peculiar resin workmanship, and with the fashion show of jewels and accessories created exclusively for FASHION ART and MORE. And international with the French Tunisian designer Nadia Bouhaoual who with her clothes tries to capture the beauty of Maghreb, chasing the dream of the "vielle époque" approaching a baroque style but with oriental look and the Brazilian brand Vanilla Style whose designer Emily de Souza she finds inspiration for her new collection, from her romantic and sweet being, a pure light flare, a true hymn to unconditional love, with precious fabrics illuminated by swarowsky for a sophisticated elegance.FASHION ART and MORE, fashion blends with art to give life to "Energy Transformational Art" of the life coach & energy artist Marina Ferrara, which will exhibit energetic works in mixed epoxy resin and precious stones that harmonize and balance the chakras, recalling abundance and positivity.A highly quoted event, therefore, in conjunction with the Milanese catwalks of the big brands, with the presence of consuls of Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Tunisia, over the years, FASHION ART and MORE is the only event in Italy for the presence of the embassies, provoking the accreditations of fashion bloggers (Jennifer Gianessi, Rosanna Dell'Osso, Jessica Esposito and Marina Farina) influencers and writers such as Sara Tacchi ( and Tatiana Vishinyakova (Milan Excellence, Fashion Illustrated and Cortina Auto), journalists such as Anna Pernice and national and international buyers, recalls the presence of magazines with the scope of International Lux Magazine, Dubai Fashion News (special reporter sent by Andrea Ubbiali), UFashon (Rome, Beirut and Dubai) and the new weekly Valeria Sorli "People who like" and the intervention of the N.1 Interable coach Luis Fusaro, (Coach of the first International Intermediate Institute) that exclusively for the FASHION ART an d MORE will talk about his incredible story and explain how it is possible to turn their fears and limits into strengths in order to live their lives in a serene and harmonious way despite their disability. Intervention fully accepted by the two organizers Sabrina Spinelli and Paolo Distaso, who support the causes of the disabled, so that any diversity can be transformed into opportunities.FASHION ART and MORE is therefore the exclusivity of luxury between fashion shows in the prestigious FIFTYFIVE 55 luxury club in Milan and the opening of the most exclusive works by artists from all over the world.Official Photographers: Ambrogio Trezzi and Marco De Nigris; Shooting and interviews: Lombardy Web TV. Sponsor Hair Style: EliHair Agency; Make-up artist: Paolo Demaria and his staff.







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