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Fashion Frames and Salon of Excellence


It has just turned off the lights of the Christmas holidays, the boys returned to school and come on like a thousand moths lights of Pitti Immagine Uomo, the most important festival in the world of men's fashion that involves an entire city that becomes a source of ideas, events, imagination, creativity and glamor.

Like every year, in every edition of Pitti Immagine, organized by the Fashion Frames DeGorsi Luxury Consulting Alexander Djordjevic and Cristina Egger, presents its event attended by the President of the National Chamber Buyer Italian Mario Oglio, always important event support Italians, especially those of the Pitti Fashion Frames: open the doors of the Hall of Excellence fashion in partnership with the Bank Credem and Rothschild private bank, in the charming halls of the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence on January 14.

And as always the two talent scouts of the beautiful Cristina Egger and Alexander Djordjevic, in a country that is slowly renovating, combine contemporary manufacturing and craftsmanship, the most exclusive products, with the understanding that the fashion world is divided in two, from a part of the industrial production at the best price, the other all that is exclusive and therefore expensive but of great excellence, sought after by buyers.

And here are the two international talent scout show hand-made shoes of the Florentine brand Stefano Bemer brought in a few years after his death, to interesting billed by the owner, the entrepreneur Tommaso Melani, outerwear young lawyer Valentino Ricci with the brand Sciamat, Antica Barbieria Glue, the temple of Milanese gentleman once, the sensual Italian silks Mantero, the magic of silk scarves chaval Milan, Lake Como the soft pashminas and scarves in cashmere and mohair Ella, from Monte Carlo the fantastic women's shoes Alberto Adonai, the sparkling jewels of Berg.

In this fascinating context, the presentation of the book by Hugo Jacomet with refined picture of Andy Julia "The Parisian Gentleman", an interesting insight on the artisans, the men who work with their hands, precious architects of the magical world of fashion, as well as make-up HM Luciano and Miriam Cute, magic and shooting of Edward I Tranchese Tranchese Photographers: an event fully integrated, as the only event of its kind, the festival edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo 89.

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