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Fashion makes up a certain part of our culture and Culture is always changing.

The international expression of Fashion promotes the cultural exchange between academies and prestigious schools recognized all over the world and it constitutes a pivot for the development of new ideas and new trends. As part of this orientation is the cultural exchange project between the Academy of Haute Couture & Art of Costume Koefia of Rome (Italy) and JD International Design School in Bangalore (India). This project was presented in Rome in attendance of the Ambassador of India in Italy,  S.E. Anil Wadhwa.

The project has been developed within a short time. The  students of JD exposed to the Ambassador and to his guests the results of their work and described the cultural itinerary of the two Institutes represented for the JD Institute of  Fashion Technology by Mr. Nealesh Dalal and Mr. Zulfi Ali, and for  Koefia Academy by Miss Bianca Cimiotta Lami.

Eight outfits have been presented at the Event. Eight Haute Couture gowns, one for each designer, a small collection in which the Italian style blends with the Indian fabrics, Indian colors and Indian traditions. The initiative comes upon the request of  JD Design International Indian School which created a specific international fashion course, lasting one year and plans to achieve last month of studies in Italy at the Koefia Academy. This small class of selected schoolgirls, coordinated by Sergio Millioni a Fashion Designer and Koefia Lecturer, has followed in Rome courses and workshops in fashion design, in modeling and in realization of haute couture  gowns. Sergio Millioni was also guest in India to present a short seminar for modeling bustier.

The project confirmed the validity of exchanges. Exchanges between teachers and students will continue in the future  through the "Bachelor & Master" courses and for short-term project under a common working platform. 

Maria Christina Rigano


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