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“Figure Libre”, Franck Sorbier


20 years have already passed since the Couturier Franck Sorbier's Haute Couture has been invited, at the Palais Galliera by the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.
From season to season this extraordinary Couturier has the ability to convey emotions that are not simply enclosed in a dress, but to bring their true essence to life.

Franck Sorbier FW 2019 20 28 07 19 2

Franck Sorbier has found in the classical dancers that form of expression for the completion of his painting, framed by live music, to capture every sense of the spectator and to let his couture live not only as "to dress in elegance" but to convey an emotion to us unique, complete, unforgettable ...

Franck Sorbier FW 2019 20 28 07 19 3

His Couture still preserves that rigor of the "REAL" Haute Couture where the construction of a dress is the result of a great research, of a deeply meaningful poetry, but above all of living an emotion.

Franck Sorbier FW 2019 20 28 07 19 4

Couturier tells us: "In Haute Couture the hours spent are not important, it is the school of patience" ...

Franck Sorbier FW 2019 20 28 07 19 5

In this collection, like a true painter who has his painting in his mind and translates it into a canvas with colors and their harmonious combinations, Franck Sorbier has translated his thought and his art as a true couturier directly onto the mannequin giving with volumes and folds, shapes that free his art and his stylistic expression.

Franck Sorbier FW 2019 20 28 07 19 6

Figure Libre" to be, to move, to exist.

Franck Sorbier FW 2019 20 28 07 19 7

"There is something divine in this extreme simplification .." the designer tells us "A new vision of the black dress that leaves a lot of space for movement and grace."

Franck Sorbier FW 2019 20 28 07 19 8

The Haute Couture collection by Franck Sorbier FW 2019-20 also offers its customers a wide range of colors from this extraordinary collection because today, like never before, a dress dresses our mood, but it must also know how to transmit our grace, the our elegance and experience.

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