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Fine Art Photograph

Overused today you may say… but art photography has a real meaning for visual artist Alexandra Mas and photographer Marco Tassini.

They develop a poetical universe whether it is studio shoot or in wild places, with no artifice whatsoever.

It is no wander they have a common subject, you will hear them often talking of slow temporality. How the creational process takes place between them, how images develop as instinctive constructions weaving between her paintings on canvas or body and his analog camera. 

There is no border between plastic arts and visual arts, no separation in sense. Fine art photography is that area where talents capture something existing or just made and give to it a different life, a new meaning.

The lecture is not descriptive but emotional. For Alexandra Mas photography is just drawing with light in a different time loop. A moment that in future will become yours, the viewer. The flickering of a soul that happened and keeps happening in multiple ways, in spectator’s eyes. 

Light, image composition, chromatics, are mastered in their image vocabulary. Alexandra considers it instinctive yet she can talk hours about how an image is read, the messages it may bring to your mind, the reason a line or a volume is here or there. Change one light and a whole different story is told. Use a different main color and you bring a new vibration, with a new collective memory trigger. 

“(…) Photography is the unique way men managed to capture time. Next to it, as an inseparable duo, the light… because there is always light, just wait and see the image taking form in that small square of the film roll. 

Waiting, patience, capture the moment when you least expect it… this is photography. (…)

Stop and look, stop and imagine, stop and breath without thinking of something els. It is like this in photography and in video, frame by frame, photo after photo, because video is nothing but a successive photographic of 24 frames passing every second. If with photography you can freeze time, with the video you can slow it down, and keep moments the human eye won’t be capable of capturing in reality.

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