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Flowers of the soul

Avem, is an emerging brand of women's shoes, completely crafted, born in 2017. The main inspiration is nature, with its lightness, its colors, its being changeable and volatile, which is then the translation from the Latin of the name chosen to represent the brand. Born from the creative vision of designer Nok, the ideas start from the colorful and sparkling environment of Los Angeles while the creation of the creations has then life in Forlì, Emilia Romagna, where each piece is handcrafted, respecting the environment.

Expert and talented hands respect the tradition by creating unique pieces. The Avem shoes are built by now three generations of women, who study and enhance the characteristics of each individual creation.

For his first collection, the original designer of Thailand, wanted to create unique pieces that are able to contain within them two feminine aspects: refinement and exuberance. Key concepts from which the SS19 collection called "Flowers of the soul" comes to life, are the flowers that come to life on every single model.

The iconic Luisa model, which thanks to its delicate lace, manages to enhance any look with an elegant touch. Available in the version with square heel in black and white, but in the low version is also perfect for those who love flat shoes.

A distinctive feature are the anklets, which can be combined with any model, while the Vanessa model is innovative, allowing you to have three different shoes in one. In fact, it can be worn in three different ways: with leather straps that go from flowery details, without laces for a more elegant décolleté and finally with an anklet that recalls the shape of the petals.

Avem manages to combine tradition and refinement, studying elements of the past and bringing them back to life in unique and refined shoes, for that extra touch that every woman wants.


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