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For each bag the name of an “Eremo”


In a wonderful territory between the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, there is a town rich in history, Alvito in the province of Frosinone, a place where the ancient medieval walls of the town still vibrate from the many past episodes, where who managed to to remain, despite the constant depopulation due to the absence of work, has been able to impose the name of Made in Italy with great capacity and creativity.

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The high fashion artisan reality of the Eremo Bag brand born in April 2019 is the example, a brand that has in its style an image so iconic that it has been able to affirm its identity through a well-studied and unmatched shape, each bag it wears the name of a hermitage and is the result of meticulous and traditional manufacturing.

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An example of virtue for Eremo bags is the use of vegetable tanned leathers because attention to the environment is a theme that this artisan company has not wanted to give up.

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The elegance and refined style of a woman through the choice of such an important accessory as the bag, are essential choices to be always original and unique and then we just have to enter the world of Eremo Bag and make our choice to have a bag that represents our unique refined and exclusive style, as exclusive are these circular bags, inspired by the snail shell, to guard the world of a classy woman.

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