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Foscarini, light is emotion

Foscarini imagines, develops and produces decorative lamps: night and day, seduce - if turned on; they surprise - when turned off. With his design objects he transforms the spaces of life: he brings beauty, moving emotions. From the beginning, independence from productive constraints translates into freedom of thought. 35 years of collaborations with designers of international level and with the mastery of the territory, and a long series of lamp-icons that interact with a domestic or collective environment and with those who experience it, speak clearly. The constant: it is a rigorous and passionate orientation to the project.

The absence of constraints - productive, technological, supply - makes his creative team completely independent of common places and mental constraints. Therefore, its true heritage is not the productive potentiality, but the ability to create thought through products that are a dialogue between a concept and a form.

The sign of the Foscarini lamps is an expression of a coherence at a very wide level: creative, aesthetic, moral, in the name of a well-rooted Italianness: Italians in craftsmanship and craft skills. But above all in the head, for his vision of design.

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