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Fragiacomo Milano style masterpieces

It is a story of Italian style and excellence that of Fragiacomo, luxury shoes and accessories maison founded in Milan in 1956 by Dante Fragiacomo, an eclectic designer with a daring entrepreneurial vision that has led his creations to be not only loved and worn by the most beautiful women in the world, but also exhibited as timeless art objects at the prestigious Metropolitan Museum in New York.

In perfect balance between tradition and innovation and in the sign of the great Made in Italy that has no international rivals for the incisiveness of its stylistic proposals, Fragiacomo embodies the secret of a perfect alchemy between idea and design, inspiration and realization , proposing in its suggestive fashion collection ideas that leave a mark for design purity and beauty of the materials used, always prized and high quality.

Impossible not to fall in love with the details that make each unique creation in the name of a sophisticated allure luxury in which the centuries-old tradition of hand-made finds its most vivid expression, today as yesterday. Preciousness and perfection have always been the signature style of Fragiacomo in which all the wonder of Italian craftsmanship shines thanks to the skilled hands of authentic masters of Beauty and Well made able to reinterpret, in a fresh and contemporary key, all the great classics of style.

"Handmade and trendy" has always been the slogan of this fashion house that has won over the years increasingly prestigious goals, coming to establish itself internationally as a symbol of Italian good taste, able to thrill and surprise in a completely new way unexpected.


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