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France against the models are too thin: it will serve medical certificate to have a fashion show


Anorexia, France against the models are too thin: it will serve medical certificate to have a fashion show. And ok photoshop unless stated

An anti-anorexia, which closely concerns the models, has just been adopted by the French Parliament. Maybe not courageous to the end (already have popped the first critics who believed that it was necessary to go further) but in reality the choice was for the fist: from now on, to make the mannequin, you will need a medical certificate the absence of eating disorders. Not only the magazines that publish physical skinny, obviously "revised" through photoshop, it must indicate that it is a "doctored photo".

Let's start from the first measure. The medical certificate must prove that "the health of the model or model, assessed mainly in reference to the index of body mass, is compatible with the exercise of his profession." Who does not respect the rule (the model is that the head of the agency that does work) could face up to six months in prison and 75 thousand euro fine. An earlier version of the law provided even to set a minimum body mass index under which it was prohibited to be a model. But the fashion world had risen. And then, many Members had considered more effective and just the introduction of a certificate, which takes into account also other factors and "dietary history" of the subject.

The other important measure, included in the law concerns the words "photo retouched", which will be mandatory "whenever the bodily form will be amended to refine the silhouette." In anti-anorexia it was originally scheduled an additional rule, the introduction of a new offense, namely incitement to "an excessive thinness." Lawmakers were particularly targeted by the sites "pro-ana" (favorable anorexia), which are becoming more common. It was even expected a sentence of one year in prison, coupled with up to 10 thousand euro fine. But the novelty was excluded from the bill as early as late November. They were opposed even the professionals of eating disorders. As pointed out by Catherine Lemorton, socialist MP, Chairman of the Committee for Social Affairs, "a recent scientific study has shown that the authors of websites, that would be targeted by the measure, they are also generally affected by eating disorders" . In short, the repression would fall on victims of the same malattiache you want to fight. In France, between 30 thousand and 40 thousand persons affected by disorders such as anorexia or similar, 90% teenagers. And in Paris, one of the world's fashion capitals, the debate is lively and passionate on the subject for years.

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