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Francesco Scognamiglio's high fashion shows off in Capri

The new collection of high fashion fall / winter 2018 by Francesco Scognamiglio is a successful collage of garments inspired by pure and hard rock'n roll and classic aesthetics of Magna Graecia, on which the concept of no gender is grafted onto models designed for men who are able to dare and think haute couture, playing with transparency and sensuality, rejecting the classic canonical social roles that imply behaviors and even uniforms. To this atavistic and toxic cultural dictatorship that prevents the supercar of the style from corrrere at the speed that it would like, it opposes this collection of Scognamiglio that wants to shake the waters of the already seen and the already said in fashion to leave a first significant footprint in the direction of a new world and a new way of conceiving the two halves of the universe, man and woman. Nothing is written on stone and this collection wants to remind us of it.


Inspiration: I did it my way (as Frankie said)

Lengths: all

Amplitudes: soft lines that caress the silhouette or models with 3D volumes Colors:

burgundy, white, electric blue, aquamarine green, black, coral, gray Fabrics: leather, lace, organza, crepe

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