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Fuzzi, elegance and high quality Made in Italy

Fuzzi Spa is an Italian manufacturing company founded in 1954. This perfect example of sartorial excellence of Made in Italy, with its elegant brand offers high quality and absolute style.
Suffice it to say that Anna Maria Fuzzi has joined the french couturier Jean Paul Gaultier producing his collection of knitwear and jersey for over 30 years. Now the italian fashion designer proposes a label all its own presenting a capsule collection of soft, elegant and feminine clothes. The material used is the elastic tulle that she used fo first in absolute, making it a must in the fashion world.
Impalpable and light as a puff, the tulle offers a comfortable fit, you rinse, suitable for all occasions and is a great ally of seduction and of feminine charme, but let us not forget that the brand offers many other stylistic solutions. Just visit its official website to see the beauty of its items so glamourous and sophisticated.

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