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Galvan, le cachemire c’est chic

For two generations in Vicenza Galvan has worked the Cashmere, the most noble of yarns, with skilful hands and deep dedication, creating collections that express quality and refinement in an authentic timeless elegance. The company loves the continuous research of new trends, knows how to combine with great intuition charm and tradition to the seduction of haute couture, always giving its customers that authentic pleasure that only a garment in cashmere can make you try: unique, soft, enveloping , the result of the work carried out scrupulously on hand looms by highly specialized personnel. From Galvan one breathes the typical craftsmanship of the "artisan workshop", a place of excellence where once the customer was able to satisfy his every desire. This is because we never wanted to overcome the threshold in which Art breaks down and Industry begins: everything is carried out within the company laboratory by expert hands who always guarantee a high quality level.

Because being a craftsman today is a "mission", a choice dictated by a lot of passion, a creativity always in turmoil and an untiring attention to detail. All elements on which authentic Made in Italy is based.

Galvan is also synonymous with love and care for the environment: in fact, it uses only natural, eco-sustainable and healthy yarns. Last but not least, the tailor-made service is truly excellent and designed to meet the needs and desires of its ever-growing international clientele.

Today professionals, businessmen and established people are fully aware that their success is also closely linked to their image. For this reason, to all those who do not have time to come to the Galvan atelier, the company offers an exclusive service of "tailor-made advice" at home: at home, in the office, in the company, in the hotel, at the club or where you prefer. An appointee takes the measurements, naturally giving the possibility to touch the fabrics, decide the model, the yarn and enjoy all the services of the "Su Misura" in absolute tranquility.

The garment will then be delivered in a maximum of twenty days.


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