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“Garden of Love”


When we want to dress with style, elegance and originality and that what we wear can also represent our personality and culture we are constantly looking for a different clothing that can satisfy our desires, but we are not always able to completely satisfy what we imagined.
Mokodu Fall has found the key to satisfy our every desire.

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Of Senegalese origin and resident in Italy from years, he has been able, thanks to his artistic expression and sensitivity, to create a truly unique and original collections.
With "Garden of Love" he wanted to transfer some of his paintings to menswear and womenswear. His desire is to make his art "itinerant" and the result he has had is of extraordinary beauty and originality.

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Beyond his pictorial skills, Mokodu with "Garden of Love" has been able to create a line of clothing that is young, modern and of certain cultural.

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The artist tells us “there is no difference for me if I paint a painting or a jacket, the desire I feel when I paint is in being able to express my art, the desire to tell my emotions, to share with the world the stories of the my travels ... "

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Each garment in its collection is made strictly by hand and are all unique, unrepeatable and exquisitely sweet and beautiful.

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His paintings have been exhibited in important galleries and his dress collections could not fail to attract the attention of Pitti Uomo, which is undoubtedly the most important international appointment for the presentation of new trends and talents and Mokodu seems to be, thanks to his art, a true promise !!!

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