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Geometric shapes in gold leaf

Born to bottega is this the place of formation of an artist.

The knowledge of technical instruments is in training at a workshop and an artist knows perfectly what to know c'is behind a craftsman.

These are precisely the craftsmen who handed down their knowledge to those who to bottega wants to experience. The artist Claudia Wieser has understood that through training in Bottega Artigiana as that of a blacksmith (specifically we speak of Bergmeister Kunstshmiede), then he could make the treasure of that knowledge and experience that has further allowed to create his masterpieces.

Thus the facet mirrors, the hand-painted ceramics sculptures carved wooden express his unmistakable love for giants like Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky.

A hand meticulous and delicate to Claudia Wieser as you can admire in the beautiful geometric designs gold leaf.An aesthetic process to Claudia Wieser that we simply have to admire and contemplate in the splendid simplicity of its quiet geometric shapes.


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