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Georges Chakra, starway to heaven

After being dreaming with open eyes about princes like dresses so sensual and luminescent due to women who are the last earls of a style which is going towards the end, George Chakra in his ready to wear collection shows that those women can make the difference day by day choosing that look as a rebel to this flat cultural movement which would like all of us dress the same and not even good.

Chakra becomes in fact the voice of a fashion that can rescue the soul. It makes you really feel different wearing such clothes which are an authentic work of style and beauty. Everything is in balance and harmony. Design is everything as well the textiles, cuts, silhouette and colours. You can call it as you like even "resistance" towards the ugliness that seems to rule the world as a dictator and the people which are use to it cannot even perceive it. They all do so, as a Mantra of self absolution for many of them, but it doesn't do any good. For this reason the creations of a free spirit like George Chakra are the last fundamental pillars of true elegance, like in a foxhole where you can play your last battle against a boring and useless conformism and luckily the number of women that joins along with our designer increases all the time.

Never get down to those heavy grey clouds which hide every type of changes; Chakra knows very well that a careful eye can go further and above, because really behind those clouds of social diktat, for who can look at the sky it will be always more blue.

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