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Gi by Giselle Effting


Gi by Giselle Effting is an independent jewellery brand founded in Florence, Italy in 2019 by designer Giselle Effting, focused on creating unique pieces that follow the lines of the body in an innovative but minimalist style.

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Through a call to self-immersion, Gi by Giselle invites  us to find our  inner  selves, feeling the  strength and flexibility of the  pieces and the lightness of the  flow of our  bodies, creating the  entire collection with titanium because of its lightness and uniqueness

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Giselle's collection is centred around the theme of the body with the aim of making pieces that  speak for themselves by strengthening the connection between the pieces and the person: each piece is a connection to what  is inside us, our memories, emotions and perceptions of the world,  reminding to who wear  it their strength.
What  Giselle hopes to evoke through her  designs is that  jewelry  is beautiful but  it has a real meaning only when it is created with passion and arouses special emotions or is linked to a special memory for the wearer.

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As light as life should be,
To feel and to be felt,
To simply be.

Emphasising the less explored curves of the body, her creative process is a means of expressing her world, where tradition and innovation come together. Combining the worlds of craftsmanship and 3D, Giselle has  carried out  extensive research into  materials, colours and a deep investigation into  the shape of the body to achieve simplicity in her work.

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The material used by Giselle is titanium because of its characteristically low density and high  strength, hypoallergenic, corrosion and scratch resistant properties. Titanium has  the  ability to change colour, due to the orbital changes of the crystal and electrons through the use of hot oxidation or an anodising process. It is also used by designers for its lightness and uniqueness.

© Gi by Giselle Effting

Press Office: Teresa La Fosca

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