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Giacomo Balla Designing the Future - Biagiotti Cigna Collection

Until the next 25th of June an exhibition at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art di Londra presents a precious selection of 116 (out of 300 artworks of the entire collection), of the most popular and significant masterpieces by Giacomo Balla (1871-1958) gathered by the fashion designer Laura Biagiotti and Gianni Cigna during their intense and passionate years of art collection. The exhibition is cured by Fabio Benzi, the Scientific Director of the Biagiotti Cigna Foundation, and is Giacomo Balla’s first collection to be exposed in this century in London.

It illustrates Balla’s entire artistic career in a selection of 36 paintings on oil, tempera and pastels including highly representative operas.

An important section is dedicated to Balla’s studies on fashion. The works of art of the collection, are the most important gathering of futurist art now existing (and is also an extremely complete view of Balla’s art activity in this field), considering the historical pieces of major importance for the european avantguard, as the sketches of the first clothes and futurist fabrics (1913-14). We may find his studies of every type of fashion element and accessorize (jackets, male suits, gowns, ties, shoes, clutches, foulard, scarfs knitwear, gilet, fabrics, embroideries, textile applications, etc.), as well as artifacts made in that époque (from 1914 al 1930 c.) from the same clothes, ties, embroderies... 

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