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Gian Riccardo Raguso, suits for the soul

"You would if you hadn't already found," said Pascal and is a universal phrase that is well suited to different areas of life, including that of Haute Couture for men as well know many customers by Gian Riccardo Raguso, beautiful brand made in Puglia, based in the elegant Martina Franca, in provice of Taranto, South Italy, from always characterized by class and sophistication in dressing as well as superior craftsmanship and impeccable tailoring.

That's why we quoted Pascal because only who already has into himself the love for Beauty and Well done, the passion for tradition and for continue research of experimental fabrics to elaborate new stylistic solutions can be client of Gian Riccardo Raguso because he's sure to find in these amazing male collections everything of good he already has got and that in another place he cannot find.

This exclusive brand, born in 1995 to create a new line of male wearing in the sign of the greatest made in Italy tradition that  has always distinguished us in the world, produces garments for men, from outerwear to pants and shirts, total look fresh and contemporary, but also classic and precious, always following the wishes of each client that knows he can find here exclusivity and uniqueness. The men's collections and also for ceremony by Gian Riccardo Raguso stand for perfect seams, more gorgeous, luxurious fabrics, impeccable cuts and silhouettes from the vast range so to please every age and every request Davis range of customers who enter confident in this atelier with the desire to stand out not for vanity, but because a nice suits is not a second skin, as always we used to think and to say, but the first one, the real one that tells to the world who we really are. As rightly Oscar Wilde wrote, "only a fool does not judge by appearances" because none of us wears a case but choose every day the perfect dress for his soul.

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