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Gianfranco Ferré, sotto un’altra luce

Gianfranco Ferré, under another kind of light


In Milan, in the amazing location of Palazzo Madama, from 12 october 2017 to 19 february 2018 is hosted the retrospective “Gianfranco Ferré. Sotto un’altra luce: Gioielli e Ornamenti” in which people can admire 200 accessoires capable to tell the entire creative story of this famous italian fashion designer.

According to Ferrè accessoires was always been inextricably linked to his creations and to  accessories devoted the same attention given to the dresses.

For Ferré ornament is not the less important son of a precious thing, but a concept of eternity that must represent the immanence of the present time.

The objects on display, made for fashion shows from 1980 to 2007, are recounted in complement of the garment and accessory but are exposed along with some creations where matter-jewel is able to invent and build the entire suit, becoming substance and soul, imaginative beauty of jewelry designed for flying in twilight. 

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