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GIMAR, innovation and tradizione in the name of the elegance


At Somma Lombrado, near Varese, there is an important industrial reality absolutely Made in Italy that is a bold landmark for its highest livel of craftsmanship, fantasy and will to dominate with success new markets, thanks enchanting embroideries that take the breathe away through their beauty and sophistication. We're talking about GIMAR that started her adventure in this sector on the late Seventies and until now keep on going, growing up thanks an extraordinary team and the will to conquest national and international markets. A GIMAR client knows very well that this company will be bale to obtain everything he needs thanks an amazing savoir faire hat combines in perfect balance tradition and innovation, heritage and avantgarde tecnqiques.

Embroideries are like painting on  unique and precious fabrics, magnificent patterns able to enhance every dresses, especially haute couture gowns, making them more dreamy and spectacular.

The  Cavaliere Mario Gianello is on chief of this company together his sons in a perfect synergy because the results are remarkable. Always looking to the future, investing in such brand new machines able to help the design office to realize exactly want it desires or what the clients wants, GIMAR is a symbol of innovation, tradition, absolute love for the beauty and today is among the most important company in this sector and, above all, a diamond point of the reale great Made in Italy worldwide.





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