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Giovanni Raspini, a charmant and funny tablewear

Reason, soul, unconscious, or a jewel by Giovanni Raspini. Quicksilver to touch, to wear on bare skin. Silver gilt to give it light and color. Important, with a unique personality, often animalier inspired, sometimes oversized or in limited edition. Artisanal and original, creation signed by Giovanni Raspini are absolutely made by hand, with great care. A destiny of beauty makes Giovanni Raspini's creations unique. It is the necessary luxury that springs from the heart of Tuscany, for a brand with almost fifty years of a quest for excellence and for an absolutely personal style.

His company is located in Valdichiana, between Arezzo, Siena and Florence. Processed one by one: designed, modeled, constructed and finished exclusively within the company.

t's Giovanni Raspini's wonderful world, made of animalier creatures and corroborated by the energy of the molten metal, silver or Bronzobianco if you prefer. In decor, design on the drafting table: he tried an authentic and sincere style, spontaneous like a running cheetah or like the flight of the butterfly. Bright and contemporary artifacts, without the glitz and dusty silverware of our great-grandparents. A new world, perfect for gift and homeware all those creations that are confronted with the needs of the current taste. Sensations, beauty and passion to win the time. These are objects that express the pleasure of conviviality, the excitement of a day of celebration.

Every creation encounter the world, and such encounter becomes fashion. Good things have a soul and speak to those who have ears to listen.

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