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Gioventù Cosmica


Vitelli’s 8th “Gioventù Cosmica” collection feels like a surreal journey down to the abyss of the sea only to re-emerge invigorated and refreshed. Expressed through Italian craftsmanship, the brand celebrates collectivism and inclusivity that spans between art and a new vision for a responsible future.

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Inspired by Lina Bo Bardi’s architecture, the music of Don Cherry’s experimental group Codona with Moki Cherry’s accompanying artworks, and the Italian radical counter-culture movements of the late ‘70s, the 24 looks propose a new lifestyle collection that is the harmonious effort between the brand and its seasonal partners. 

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Vitelli, based in Milan and produced in Veneto, broadens its horizons and weaves the creativity of other talents into its cosmic universe of escape, giving birth to a luxury-freak concept. The label partners with Bloke, whose collections are entirely handmade in Lagos, Venetian footwear brand Marsèll and Milan-based active-punk brand, Rayon Vert. Additionally, Vitelli engaged with the London incense brand Cremate to produce a special line of knitted headwear and a new scent.

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For the first time the attention is shifted to silk suits, pants and jackets, shirts and blouses and not just knitwear. Italian tailoring is mixed with embroidery made with knitwear yarns on traditional machinery. The decorations are reminiscent of seaweed and coral navigating sinuous waters, whose shapes allude to an upside-down perspective of oceanic creations that become terrestrial. 

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In this collection, conventional knitwear becomes structural, as cuffs or banding used to adorn the garments from the pocket flaps to stitching details. Knitting and crochet are applied to accessories and “Doomboh” needle-punch techniques embellish many of the collection’s looks.

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