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Girl of Now, new parfume by Elie Saab

The video promotional of the new parfume signed by Elie Saab, “Girl of Now” shows a fairytale that begins at midnight and ends with three friends walking in the early light of dawn. It’s about a night of play, paparazzi flashes and a perfume that meets their mood. Three friends, three distinct personalities and one friendship with one perfume to capture their free spirit and friends-first attitude. They are out to own the night, their lives, laughter and style. “Girl of Now” is the perfect symbol of this joie e vivre thanks its spontaneous and audacious energy. Super models Ulrikke Hoyer, Lineisy Montero and Gabby Westbrook incarnate the girl of now in her element. From the streets of Paris to an intimate private club, follow them across town on a night to remember when what rules is Now and nothing more.

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