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Giulia Barela Jewelry, bright sculptures

The jewels have always been part of the life of designer Giulia Barela: owned and worn by the many women of her big family and then, thanks to an innate talent, even designed and when even this is not enough she decided to learn the ancient sculptural technique of lost wax casting. The results, immediately, have been brilliant.

Intuitive was also the choice of the material: first the bronze, for its color and the intrinsic quality have been the fifth to its creations. His collections are characterized by a decisive sculptural imprint: they stand out for the particular lighting effects and reinterpret in a contemporary key the influences and cultural stratifications of the designer. The jewels, produced in a limited edition, are entirely hand-made in Italy, using the techniques of high-jewelery art. Attention to volumes and shapes is evident in all his creations. Bronze and silver allow it to fully satisfy the sculptural and material need that is its unmistakable stylistic value. Even though its jewels are strongly material, its jewels maintain a lightness that derives from skilful craftsmanship and the use of high-jewelery techniques. Which allows an exclusive wearability. Finally, it should be noted that Giulia Barela uses the ancient sculptural technique of lost wax casting, which allows her to build and shape the initial model and to finish it to give it a special touch that makes it absolutely unique.


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