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Glam and charm, the code name is Sofia M

Sofia M is a luxury footwear brand whose name, so keep it short and concise, it almost seems like that of a secret agent. Of Italian and Florentine luxury, though! As with Martin Margiela it doesn't care to talk about her training nor sfind her beautiful mysterious face. What matters is what this genius in disguise succeeds in achieving it and, dear Madame & Monsieur, here we are in presence of pure class, beauty and elegance, renewed in a cutting edge and innovative key.

Her super glam and sophisticated shoes have got that hyper feminine allure thanks she's been launched by a catapult into Olympos of the most greatest shoes designer of the new high quality Made in Italy.

Looking at her fabolus creations means desiring to wear them and what kind of woman can resist to al this extraordinary charm?

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