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Gold Evening of Officine Farneto

 In the exclusive location near the Italico forum in Rome, 10 years of Officine Farneto were celebrated.

At the end of the 1920s, Enrico Del Debbio was given the task of building the Magazzini di Casermaggio today Officine Farneto in the years of the design of the Foro Mussolini, today Foro Italico.
The post-industrial environments of the structure have a strong visual impact, the post-modern architecture so interesting makes this structure a unique location for the many events that are made here, and it is the strong contrast with this industrial architecture to make it elegant and refined for events .

The 500 guests who took part in the evening which took place on Friday 1 February were selected.
Great elegance and style in the choice of performers who entertained guests.

Roof Garden, Conference Room, Ateliers, Offices, Welnees Gym, Crystal Garden, Event Space, Reception, Bistrot, Catering, Subterranean a wide range of proposals to develop with creativity elegance and style an event that will remain indelible in the memory of the guests who have the privilege of being able to access this wonderful structure, which celebrated the tenth anniversary of successful events.

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