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Gold is Luxury

When gold speaks, everything else is silent...

Gold is one of the most precious metals. The concept of gold has always been associated with luxury.  The privilege of richness and excellence over centuries have been represented by the possession of gold ornaments.

"Golden Ideas" is a brand that offers exclusive items made of pure 24 carat gold designed especially for living and being admired by luxury and lifestyles lovers. Unique products that are created to satisfy the style and the elegance of all people that enjoy exclusivity. Gold objects are refined in the smallest details like the "Gold Rose". The Rose is one of the first flowers to adorn the Earth and has since become a symbol of Love, Peace and Beauty.  This special Gold Rose is prepared by using a totally unique process that can capture the very fine detail in each petal and leaf preserving it in precious metal and resin.                                                The colour and the preciousness of gold can be admired by buying or offering a package of four chocolates wrapped in 24k  gold. The package "Gold Bonbon" is of a unique and rare prestige,it contains a real feeling of love.the Luxury collection is combined with a mix of handmade Swiss and German chocolate, wrapped in 24k gold. The pack includes four different chocolates which evoke four different feelings,describing a delightful emotion that belongs to the world of elite and luxury  Every sensation wrapped in 24k gold makes this collection an high chocolate luxury, tempting the senses and suitable for any occasion.                   In addition to "Gold Bonbon" the connoisseur can appreciate the "Gold Cigar". The cigar is an authentic product of "Cohiba" and its uniqueness comes from the 24k  gold wrapping  that allows to enjoy the unique flavour of gold obtained through a unique process of manufacturing.                                                         Timeless products suggested by "Golden Ideas" are aimed to luxury lovers. Unique goods such as "Gold Bonbon" and "Gold Cigar" are created for veritable excellence amateurs thanks to a finishing touch combined to details and specially linked to the preciousness of gold.


Maria Christina Rigano


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