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Gotha, Everyday / Aftersix

The italian brand Gotha embodies a precise and accurate definition describing style and attitude. Gotha represents and expresses the best of a great concept: the luxury of simplicity.

A contemporary urban style, a product for your daily routine, for your everday’s needs and demands. A new classic which features your wardrobe’s must-haves in a modern way.

The spring/summer 2017 collection is named “Everyday / Aftersix”.

One brand, two occasions to respond to each style need of a new urban classic   woman. Because life is made of many ordinary days, one like the other, but also of special moments to celebrate, party, or simply enjoy friends.

Everyday is an essential wardrobe of special pieces, suitable for all everyday occasions.

Aftersix offers a focused and coordinated proposal of pieces for special moments or days. This the Gotha's concept of urban happening.


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