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Guerlain Spring Glow Collection 2016


Guerlain‘s new spring collection is full of glamour and luxury. It contains the mythical Meteorites Base, two amazing lipsticks and two collectible products: a blush with incredible shades and a single eyeshadow palette. Moreover, the company is launching the eye pencil again in five unique shades. It also includes the famous Meteorites powder but it’s not going to be released in Greece. Of all the products, the Meteorites Base will undoubtedly be a best seller product as it’s completely renewed. It has crystal-clear package that reveals the bright rosy pearl gel formula held within.

In 1987, Guerlain launched their Météorites: the first loose illuminating and color-correcting powder that came in the form of multicolored pearls. One stroke of the brush, and these pearls released a perfecting halo to bathe skin with light and glow with ideal radiance.

There is no mistaking the enviable radiance of a women’s skin when she looks well rested, healthy, and vibrant. She has that certain "je ne sais quoi." For spring, Guerlain will reveal the secret to her ethereal glow with a joyful, luminous, and colorful 2016 Spring Collection.


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