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Haute Couture SS21 Collection, Zuhair Murad


The Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 21 Collection captures the unrivaled body movements of prima ballerina Maïa Plissetskaïa through the artistic lens of late fashion photographer Deborah Turbeville.

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Inspired by the precision and mastery of Russian ballet choreography, Murad reinvents the bond between fashion and movement. He skillfully sculpts feminine silhouettes by taming and molding textures to incarnate the continuous flow of every movement through multi-form and captivating prints of Duchesse silk. 

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The collection boasts an undeniable sense of femininity! From crêpe, lace, and macramé, to velvet and silk, fabrics intertwine in perfect harmony, tangling in delicate drapes or subtle knots. Cady dresses and peplum jackets feature studded appliqués, while soft muslin draws graceful arabesque patterns to reveal naturally elegant and supple postures.
Everything in this collection is reminiscent of the fluid and airy ambiance in which ballet dancers float. Oversized gowns, flexible cuts, puff sleeves, and dreamy slits articulate together in a muffled rustling, while feathers hover over dresses made of embroidered silk tulle. Shoulders are finely defined and revealed through sweetheart necklines adorning light dresses and tops; while some of the pieces embody a Rock look, in which shoulders stand out through well-structured crêpe shapes. 


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Rigor and romance merge to reflect a masculine touch, toned down by poetic notes to celebrate the slender and agile movement of ballerinas performing flawless “ronds de jambe”: silky taffeta tops with plunging necklines, spencer jackets with feathered sleeves, and pants sketched with the highest precision with tight or loose ankles. Downy lace remains the star of the show covering silhouettes with a sensual softness. 

Zuhair Murad 15 2 21 5

The Zuhair Murad pre-Fall 21 Collection draws inspiration from the dexterous techniques of the fifties  the so called "golden age" and the reckless spirit of the eighties. Bringing to life classic ballets performances, it features a rich and dramatic color palette that goes from red, plum and burgundy, to shiny golden and moonlight greige, with statement pieces in petrol and midnight blue. 

© Zuhair Murad

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