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“Here comes the night”, MIU MIU Automne 2020 Campaign


When was the last occasion you lived in an enclosed world, where time stretched out, seemingly endlessly, in front of you?When was the last time your interior world felt as important as the exterior one, where you were free to imagine and to contemplate who  you  might actually want to be? Chances are it was when you were a teenager, with all of the triumphs and trepidations that entailed, particularly if you were a teenage girl.

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Shot in January 2020, before the Coronavirus lockdown necessitated an essential dwelling in our own adult interior worlds, the latest Miu Miu campaign and collection for PreFall 2020, explores the  idea of these interior girls’ worlds. Here, the playful power of femininity and fashion are revealed, as not simply about what you might want to buy, but who you might want to be.

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A dream-like, interior world is conjured through Douglas Irvine’s photography to match the external, magical manifestation on display in the clothing. A blur of florals and glittering visual embellishment, diaphanous drape and ecstatic movement belie the strict foundations for both the images and garments.

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An  haute-bourgeois Milanese interior was transformed in a building that has a long standing history with the house. In Via Melzi D’Eril 30, once home to the Miu Miu catwalk shows, the glamour of the  photoshoot performs its  magic with a new generation of Miu Miu girls.

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Wearing a clothing collection that splices the  utilitarian with the formal, the everyday with the extravagant, delicate artisanal embellishment is contrasted with and applied to a notion of  the sturdily homespun. Here, nineteenth century literary heroines, both fictional and actual, are channelled, the  sources of  teenage-girl bedroom revolutions in both style  and substance, yet worn by a new generation of everyday heroines with all of their contrasting clothing choices.

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Featuring Malaika  Holmen, Esme Creed-Miles, Kasper Kapica, Ez,  Tang He, Tomiwa Adeshina and Patrycja Piekarska, who were chosen instinctively to personify the spirit of the everyday heroine, both ordinary and extraordinary. Here, the Miu Miu girls’ glamour is not a spell but merely a matter-of-fact; it’s  the glamour of young women deciding who they’d like  to be.

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