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High definition Haute Couture

The music slows and all eyes turn to the last look on the runway at the Haute Couture Spring | Summer 2017 fashion show in Paris. The grand, statuesque silhouette of the wedding dress comes forth, dove-coloured and gold. This gown is for the brides, but it also for the art of Haute Couture.

Celebrating the beauty and strength of mid-century Egyptian icons of cinema, the Haute Couture Spring | Summer 2017 collection is replete with oriental patterns, Arabic calligraphy and, notably, the last look – glittering palm trees.

Handworked in silk threads of gold and blush, intricate embroidery represent the palm trees of the town of Doumyat, or Douma. Sequins set the motifs to shimmer, like the warmth of the Mediterranean Sun, in antic gold and silver.

The gown’s double skirt adds architectural dimension, both expanding and enlightening its volume. And, like morning mist on a river, its veil in tulle is a diaphanous cascade.

Behind this last look lies hundreds of hours of handworked detail, in an absolutely unique and timeless interpretation of feminine icons of the Nile.

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