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History of noble heritage that embodies the Brand ALYSON OLDOINI

Alyson Oldoini, in her quality of industrial designer, projected personally the dress of the perfumes line of the Brand founded by herself. The sketches related to the exclusive designs, necessary to the materialization of the products, come from her intuition. The attention and the awareness of the preciousness of the perfumes recall the need to dress up the bottles according to the concept of exclusivity. Every detail is studied to be perfect. The atomizer of the perfume is realized in order to finely nebulize the fragrance, according to the rules of the artistic perfumery. The customized moulds, realized in Italy, respectively for the 100ml and the 20ml rechargeable format, are patented and registered. Luxury, for Alyson Oldoini, is in the semplicity of the line, the high technology of the forms that enclose the exclusivity of the fragrances contained in them. The engraved coat of arms is the symbol of an history of noble heritage that embodies the Brand ALYSON OLDOINI.

The line, completely Made in Italy uses precious materials that are highly performing. The Platinum galvanic of the cover of the bottles is matched with the precious packaging of the white and black boxes. In 2019 the collection of perfumes enriches with inedited olfactive notes with unique scent.

Breathing intensely the scent of cleanness. The most beautiful sensations will appear in the memories. Dedicated to Her who washes, and to Him who irons.

Olfactive memory has a unique ability to bring back, when stimulated, a past and deeply positioned in the memories experience: nothing is more unforgettable than a smell, it is able to resit to the spoiling of time like no other sensorial data.

The perfume and the freshness of the laundry hanged in the sun evoke, in absolute, the concept of cleanness. For this reason ALYSONOLDINI dedicates two new unisex fragrances with a name that reveals specifically theiridentity card: Bucato Royale and Marsiglia Musk. A patented formula, unique in its kind, that is introduces in the scenery of artistic perfumery. The interpretation of amber and floral notes belong to Marsiglia Musk, fruity and aldehyd notes emphasize the fragrance Bucato Royale. Two perfumes to be nebulized together, according to the game of layering, or to wear singularly, dedicated to those who like wearing the white shirt. 


Natural Vapo Spray
Olfactive Family – fruity, aldehydes
Lemon, Pear, Aldehydes
Orange Blossom, Mint, Cloves
Amber, Musk, Vetyver


ALYSONOLDOINI – Marsiglia Musk
Natural Vapo Spray
Olfactive family – floral, aldehydes
Lime, Passion Fruit, Heliotropine
Coumarine, Floral Notes
Vanilla, Musk



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