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Holiday on Ice Hotel in Sweden

It is a boom in reservations in Sweden for the Ice Hotels that attract more and more curious people from all over the world every year, eager to experience the days of the Festival immersed in an atmosphere that is as surreal as it is suggestive. Not far from the North Pole where tradition has it that Santa Claus is working hard to finish packing and loading on the sled the gifts to all the children of the world, those who choose to spend the holidays here instead of warming on some exotic beach, he does it because he wants to feel a chill and not just cold. It is above all emotional that the Ice Hotels are able to give away, even for the fact that they are, of course, only temporary and will last until there will be frost, then they will melt and next year they will have to be sculpted again.

The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, in Swedish Lapland, is the oldest and largest ice hotel in Sweden. Open from December to April, it is only 200 kilometers to the Arctic Circle. Opened 20 years ago, it has 65 rooms and every year is enriched with details from famous designs from all over the world when the ice sculpture festival takes place. The creations of this kermesse are used to furnish the hotel, every year in a new way. With rooms with temperatures between minus 8 and minus 5 (compared with minus 40 outside), it also has an Ice Bar, a sauna and an Ice Church, a very characteristic church, perfect for Christmas Eve .

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