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Home design and recycle by Jae-Hyo Lee

The creations of the korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee are masterpieces of art and design and, above all, of great love for the environment, nature and the moral duty of recycling. This artist with great imagination and craftsmanship can give new life to garbages that becoming art while, some years ago, the same material would have been thrown away, but now it lives a second life, maybe even better than the first because the end result of the work of this artist is pure design, beauty and poetry and, above all, experimentation, as in the case of wood burned at the bottom, while the outside is smoothed with care until getting pure and perfect shapes geometric elements pure and perfect tracks that highlight the imperfections and irregularities of trunks and branches. Because of the imperfection, understood as irregularities and then diversity is the highest value to defend. The uniqueness is what makes fabolous this world. The huge trunks are assembled together by getting a perfect fit, artistic and aesthetic but also functional because the creations of this artist are beautifully designed furniture, where the main material is wood, but not only. There are also so many stones, polished or left natural and even pieces of recycled steel. Everything in the same of an ecosustainable home design.

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