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Shop and creative factory the Home Textile Emporium by Lisa Corti in Milan is a real wonder for the eyes, among colors, prints and bright and vibrant fabrics that evoke distant atmospheres and suggestions.

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The charm of travel, the encounter between cultures that generates an unreachable melting pot and always effervescent in its many points of observation. Here, collection after collection, fabrics with a unique and universal allure are created, designed to dress everything with their colors, from clothing to the home.

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The Italian textile tradition combines an oriental touch, mainly Indian, and the result has a cosmopolitan appeal that seals the happy embrace between East and West.

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Home Textile Emporium by Lisa Corti is a company based in Milan that creates and designs fabrics with which it realizes a personal line of home furnishings and clothing for women and children.

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Lisa Corti designs her creations in Italy, but each piece of her collections is produced in India by skilled artisans, who work by hand, follow every single stage of the production process, from weaving and dyeing of cotton to manual printing on fabric with ancient blockprint technique.

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Cotton, muslin, malmal, wool, silk, cloth zari, mushroo, ikat, bandhani, khadi, chintz, calico, are the various types of fabrics that are used in the creation of the world Lisa Corti. From the mezzeri to the mandala, from the cushions to curtains and curtains, to clothing for adults and children, the creations by Lisa Corti are known and sold all over the world and other Home Textile Emporium over the years have opened in Florence, Rome and abroad. 
Lisa Corti is a unique lifestyle, rich of colors, poetry and charm.

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