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Homo Faber, craftsmanship excellence

The Cini Foundation has hosted with great success the first major exhibition on European art crafts, dedicating a thematic section, Fashion Inside and Out, to the world of fashion.

The high craftsmanship was staged in Venice with "Homo Faber", an exhibition-event, developed on over 4000 square meters, which involves the entire island of San Giorgio Maggiore. Organized by Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, the exhibition was divided into 16 thematic stages, curated by international personalities. Each stage explored a different soul of artistic craftsmanship and an important role was reserved for the fashion world with the section "Fashion Inside and Out / In the plots of fashion", curated by Judith Clark. A real exhibition in the exhibition, the exhibition celebrated the leading role played by artisanal know how in the fashion world.

In defining the staging Clark asked for the collaboration of Bonaveri, who on this occasion brought to the audience articulated mannequins, entirely handmade and able to replicate any human pose: in this case used to stage swimming.

In addition to these iconic figures, the exhibition featured special dresses on fabric-covered busts, along with a selection of female mannequins from the Schläppi 2200 collection, some of which were entirely hand-crafted to recall the natural materials and craftsmanship of the clothes in exhibition. The Italian company is a world leader in haute de gamme mannequins. Passion and art, savoir-faire and originality are the elements that characterize the mannequins created by the Bonaveri artisans in the Renazzo di Cento (FE) headquarters.

An evocative setting, evoking summer and nature, hosts the high fashion and avant-garde garments selected by Judith Clark. Among these, the embossed leather skirt of the designer Dai Rees, the hemp dress by Dolce & Gabbana with the word "handmade", Capucci's dress studded with small pebbles, the visible stitching by Martin Margiela Artisanal, the embroidered wooden beads on a Chanel skirt. All items that highlight the fundamental role of collaboration between designers and artisans, to celebrate all that human beings can do better than any machine.


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