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House of Marley, the rhythm of music

According to the unforgettable Bob Marley "the night the real music I hear: frogs, crickets, the sounds of nature. Music is the song of the earth". From the poetry of this anima mundi the king of Reggae drew inspiration for his most intense songs. Because in the end music is only a simultaneous representation of movement and of feeling. Emotion on the move. They are fully aware of the eclectic creators of the brand HOUSE OF MARLEY who decided to make the music experience even more sensational, combining passion, design and technology in a series of products that strike at first glance for their beauty. The heirs of the legendary Bob, in fact, are authentic aesthetes in inserting with taste and style all that today serves to listen to music to levels never before imagined. Whatever the space that will welcome their authentic masterpieces of style, they will give an appeal at the same time both cutting edge and contemporary chic that irresistibly vintage and retro.

House of Marley is able to satisfy every request and desire of its demanding international clientele thanks to creations that are a real dream of design and creativity made possible by a design study for which nothing is impossible. Some examples? Let's start with the Positive Vibration 2 Wireless headphones, a true technology show! They are foldable and compact, guarantee up to 12 hours of listening without charging and their great drivers ensure an intense and precise sound.

NO BOUNDS is instead the name of a series of ultra-portable Bluetooth speakers, available in various versions and with different performances. Floating and waterproof, covered in recycled cork and REGRIND silicone that make them extremely light, thanks to a solid carabiner you can take them anywhere with you. Dustproof, with powerbank, are really the symbol of an active and outdoor lifestyle to enjoy a unique sound experience!

We close this overview in the wonderful world of House of Marley with two creations that since their very first release have talked a lot about the eclecticism of their design, the exceptional sound performances and, of course, for those who are a bit profane world of music but is a super fan of home decor, for the retro vintage vein that inspired these two masterpieces of interior design. Let's start with GET IT TOGETHER that plays music wirelessly wherever you want. Available in different sizes, it is characterized by a decidedly charming vintage design. Pure modernism, tres chic. Covered in REWIND fabric and bamboo panels, it's really the top! The same style, poetically retro and elegant, can fully boast the GIRADISCHI of House of Marley, STIR IT UP, perfect for those who are DANDY in the heart and passionate about vinyl.

Looking closely, you can not help but be impressed by its fine natural bamboo finishes, with refined characteristic details, a design that can seduce at first glance. And then just turn it on to fully enjoy all its power thanks to its speakers House of Marley: a work of engineering and ingenuity, elegance and design that will surely remain over time.


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