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Iconic Shoes, the Salvatore Ferragamo story


Luxury Shoes have always been associated with high fashion but there are only a few names in the world accepted by the Haute Couture univers. From the very beginning Salvatore Ferragamo's creativity prepared him to become an iconic signature. The Italian shoe maker burst into the New York 1924 scenery with a creative Aladin oriental Mule. Very fast, the cinematographic world finds an interest in him and big names become his clients; Greta Garbo, Dietrich, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, even Gary Cooper, to name just a few. In 1938 he created the platform shoes for Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz. it is in their first exhibition during the Haute Couture week in Paris that we discovered this collection of precious re-edition shoes. 

In 1938, Salvatore Ferragamo moves his headquarters to Palais Spini Feroni, Florentine palace built in 1289, the brands home even today. Innovation and atemporal designs marked the shoe line throughout the years mixing traditional technics with a master's vision.
Imagine this innovative vamp sandal with plastic cylinders, made in 39.

Salvatore Ferragamo 22 10 20 2

Later, this silver leather strapped  T-shape inspired the 1996 high hills for Madona in Evita movie by Alan Parker.
In the Ferragamo house, conducting emblematic shapes and colors is a generational logic. Here you can see the Natascia Pumps, made in 66, in embroidered Satin with a floral pattern made with Venetian glass beads, stress and pearls.
In 66 this same motive will appear on a pink satin pump with a Louis XV hill.

Salvatore Ferragamo 22 10 20 3
Salvatore Ferragamo 22 10 20 4

The Opera Sandal, made in 1924 for actress Mary Pickford has a technique dear to Salvatore Ferragamo, the leather patchwork inspired by the avant-garde art movement. He masters this knowhow and reinvents it each time surprising with colors and materials combined in innovative ways. 

Salvatore Ferragamo 22 1 20 aa

What is now interesting for us, the new generation brought into light this iconic shoes, and they are available in a limited series of 100 pieces each. The pallet is extremely modern, passionate by bold saturated colors Salvatore left a heritage that his wife Wanda continued with artistry.

Salvatore Ferragamo 22 10 20 6

The Fiesta Sandals made in 57 embroidered with fine Murano glass beads offered later the idea for the innovative Acrobat sock-boots on light molded soles designed in 67 by his daughter Fiamma Ferragamo.

Salvatore Ferragamo 22 10 20 5

This incredible must have collection has been shoed in their first exhibition organized  during the Haute Couture Week can be found today in their flag ship stores in Paris, New York, London Milan and of course Venice.

Alexandra Mas
artista visivo e direttore artistico

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