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Virtual fitting room by Xoonia

Shopping can be fun but when you must try many clothes in dressing rooms often small can become a little torture, especially because you do not have many minutes to make the right choice. Xoonia, a company specialising in 3D Interaction Solution, invented the virtual dressing room. Just get in front of a display at the beginning looks like an ordinary mirror but it isn't because actually puts you right into the action the virtualization software, obtained with an invisible room behind the mirror, which adjusts the virtual clothes at body measurements. Taken the appropriate measures, the customer can start selecting clothes to wear that appear on the mirror or through a special App. So the customer can virtually try every item available in store. Can move, bend, turn around to catch a glimpse of how the boss is back because the software follows his movements because the software follows his movements and fit the clothes to them.Impossible in this way make a wrong choice because you can get to wear everything, so if it comes to different bosses, such as dresses, jackets, tops, skirts, pants or anything and so in this way you can try every possible combination.  If after testing you still have any questions about the "virtual dressing room" by Xoonia allows customers to click photos posted on their mobiles to reflect then calmly at home or sharing these pictures with a friend for an advice.

Xoonia is an excellent database for the owners of the store and around the world are experimenting with the potential because it gathers thousands of data on customer preferences on colors, size, models and this is a valuable service for the choice of the next sample and the brand on which more point if it's a multistore. 

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