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The launch of the garter, a more glam and super fashionable accessory

The tradition of throwing the garter has ancient origins, but as for the original wedding bouquet that now no many brides launche anymore, preferring to discard another bouquet, a less valuable copy of the main one because they  wanto to preserve forever the most important bouquet of flowers of their life, the same thing now  it's happening for the garter that all brides prefer to keep, The reason is modesty and also because these garters are so fab, glam and glittering that it's a real pity discarding them. Better keep this accessory them for her honeymoon and then like a nice memory for the entire life.

The fashion bridal label are creating romantic garters absolutely delicious while some times ago a garter was a simple lace elastic headband with inserted a blue ribbon to respect, for good luck for the wedding, the Victorian tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in a shoe”. If the launch of the bouquet was for spinters because it was believed that whoever had it jumped would be married within the year, the same was true for the launch of the garter that the bride, after dropping it from the leg at the knee, lifting with modesty the dress, launched in the direction of bachelors and which of them picked up the garter would find early wife. For the well known male unruliness to engage with a woman, will be for this reason that the launch of the garter, compared with that of the bouquet, taken very seriously even today from single women invited to the wedding, became just a gimmick play. So why throw it and give it up if it's a triumph of beads, jais, swarovski crystals, floral appliqués and lace?

It's pure madness give up such a wonderful accessory considered also that it's not an elegant gesture to do in public and, above all, that no bacherlors takes seriously this gesture, considering the garter just a very sexy thing, the tradition of the launch of the garter is disappearing time after time. But that doesn't mean that every bride in her most romantic day of her life give up to wear under her wedding gown this sensual accessory that only her future husband, as it should be, will have the honour and the pleasure to admire... 

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