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Ilariuss Haute Couture hats

Allure Haute Couture and exclusivity made in Italy are the stylistic code of the Ilariuss brand, conceived and directed by the young Ilaria Soncini, a brilliant designer who has made hats her privileged means of artistic and emotional expression. Because a headgear is much more than a simple accessory, it is an open and clear manifesto of our deepest self, at the same time a masterly habit and a precise detector of moods. Because the choice of a hat is never casual. It does not complete an outfit but characterizes it, immediately becoming the star of our look.

Through a remarkable stylistic research of shapes and silhouettes ranging from the classic avant-garde and the experimentation of new fabrics and materials that give body and reality to the ideal of beauty that Ilaria Soncini has always pursued with passion and virtuosity, Ilariuss proposes to its customers international creations for thinking heads, that is, deaf and indifferent to the sirens of trends and trends of the moment, fairs supporting a self-determination that can express itself in every level of everyday life, consistently finding itself in the smallest details.

Made to measure by fulfilling step by step every desire for uniqueness and exclusivity, they are a lively expression of craftsmanship, heir of a great tradition that constantly renews itself and always find new answers to the contemporary needs of fitting and beauty with brilliant and original results.

On the other hand, the creative soul of the brand, Ilaria Soncini, boasts to her credit some prestigious collaborations with the famous milliner Fiona Bennet, the Brancato Theater Tailor in Milan, as well as several prestigious fashion houses like Valentino, Atelier Versace, Cavalli, Jean Paul Gaultier and Max Mara.


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