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In Milan old fashion cufflinks and bijoux

E lvio and Loredana began their activity in the jewellery and bijoux business in 1985 in the tiny shop in Milano. Just few square meters wide host thousands of ancient and new jewels and bijoux, of different material and historical periods. Their big selection covers all the XX century with brooches, rings, bracelets, earrings of all kind and, first of all cufflinks. The shop is located in the historical neighbourhood of Brera, in Ponte Vetero street. Through time the passion for jewellery has driven them to be specialized in antique bijoux and costume jewellery. They made a deep research in this field studying materials, techniques and styles of all the fashions that have crossed history since the XIX century until today.

This research was not limited only at the women's world, they have been the pioneers in the revalorization of cufflinks, very important men's accessories that have been set aside from contemporary fashion for long time.

In the shop you can find cufflinks of any kind and subjects (sport, automobile companies, music, art, animals...) and also in many different materials: metal, silver and gold, but also made in chrome and in bakelite; some are made with coral and others are with enamel of various features. Many of them are coming from New York, London and Paris. Their big collection comprehends also a wide offer of vintage bijoux of all the most important designers and brands from the XX century, so luxurious, so beautifule and timeless...

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