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In Rome Sposa 2018 shows the Love thanks to La Vie en Blanc

From 18 to 21 October returns "Roma Sposa", among the most awaited Italian wedding salons for its extraordinary ability to attract visitors, press and buyers thanks to an impeccable organization that this year has managed to involve as many as 300 divided exhibitors in 11 sectors, such as jewelry, photographers, catering but also honeymoons and everything that revolves around the fateful day of Yes. In particular, of course, the wedding dresses, the great protagonists of this show.

For the duration of the event every hour will be held a fantastic fashion show: more than 20 fashion shows and 1,000 dresses on the catwalk are planned to present the most important brands and collections. A truly unmissable event because, among many proposals that will make you shine of authentic romance the splendid location of the Palazzo dei Congressi all'EUR, one of the most splendid examples of Italian rationalist architecture, there will be La Vie En Blanc, the iconic wedding brand founded two years ago by Giorgia Albanese, an authentic poet of the beautiful whose dreamy and sophisticated aesthetic is becoming increasingly important thanks to a decidedly sublime savoir faire.

His is pure Made in Italy, made of high craftsmanship, masterful modeling and an excellent sartoriality that allows her to turn every customer's wish into reality.

Among precious fabrics and dreamy embroidery, an almost fairytale allure projects its collections of Haute Couture directly among the stars. Giorgia Albanese, in fact, studies aerospace engineering and is the infinity of the cosmos, so immense, timeless and mysterious, to inspire his creations dedicated to true love that also aspires to be so.

Every bride is then for the La Vie en Blanc as a magnificent star that in the most romantic day of her life will be brighter than ever.

Why do you fall in love? Why do you decide, by getting married, to undertake a journey of life together, firmly believing in each other? This is also a mystery, no less complex than the scientific theorems with which the stylist is grappling in her course of study. Science and high fashion: studying and observing the sky in it Giorgia Albanese sees an ineffable and elusive sense of conscious serenity because we are part of an All and on Earth, in our planet that is only a grain of sand compared to the Universe , Love is the brightest expression of this certainty or hope.

Here then explained why who has had the great-grandmother protagonist of the golden season of high fashion of Pitti, the grandmother collaborator of the biggest names in the world knitting and the founding mother and stylist of Daniela Di Francesco Moda, elegant haute couture brand, know very well how to translate into a marvelous reality what, as pure emotion, is impalpable and elusive by definition.

If you are ready to let yourself be transported by La Vie En Blanc on this extraordinary journey do not miss Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 18.40, the show of his new, highly anticipated collection in which the concept of Atelier will be the absolute protagonist. And who better than she can describe the magical atmosphere and the thousand craft potential, since in an Atelier has grown, learning all the most amazing and amazing techniques and today, thanks to its pragmatic, creative and scientific mentality, developing new and original?

The protagonist of the Bride 2019 collection will be the silk embroidered velvet proposed for dresses that are authentic masterpieces of style. Between tradition and experimentation, research and innovation, Giorgia Albanese will once again be able to amaze everyone thanks to his eclectic talent and his courageous verve that loves to dare and go beyond everything. Perfect for her is this consideration of Immanuel Kant, "two things fill the mind with admiration and veneration always new and growing: the starry sky above me and the moral law within me".

This year her muse will be the model Giordana Spizzichino, who got married less than two weeks ago and will have the opportunity to wear again that unique and amazing tailored dress created for her by La Vie en Blanc to make her feel unique and beautiful , enhancing not only the silhouette, but above all the personality, reading in his heart and realizing the most intimate desires. As it happens for every bride who trusts and relies on the professionalism and sensitivity of Giorgia Albanese, complex and profound as the infinite space that loves so much. UFASHON reminds us of a beautiful love poem by Edward Estlin Cummings.

"I carry your heart with me. I carry it in mine. I never share it. Where I go, you too, my beloved; whatever it is made by me, you do it too, my dear. I'm not afraid of fate because my fate is you, my sweet. I do not want the WORLD, because mine, the most beautiful, the most true are you. This is our secret, the deep root of all the roots, the bud of all the buds and HEAVEN OF THE SKIES of a tree called Life, which grows higher than the soul hopes and the mind hides. This is the wonder that the STARS separate ".

Reminder: La Vie en Blanc Fashion Show on Saturday 20th October 2018 at 6.40 pm. Palazzo dei Congressi, Eur, Rome.

Over the Moon.

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