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In the heart of Veneto for young artisans the “Scuola dei Maestri Pellettieri di Bottega Veneta”

In 2006 Bottega Veneta created a school to train a new generation of artisans, commending the longstanding italian tradition of the Bottega, quintessencial place of production. Where young apprentices learned from the Masters skills and craftsmanship.

La Scuola dei Maestri Pellettieri di Bottega Veneta, located at the Atelier in Montebello Vicentino, serves as a permanent workshop for employees and students to indulge in the brand’s know-how, values, theoretical information and practical skills, ensuring continuity in cultural heritage and expert artisanship. La Scuola dei Maestri Pellettieri di Bottega Veneta lies at the heart of a long-term commitment to ensuring the future of Italian know-how and the artisanal tradition of the Veneto region. It is enhanced by the osmotic relationship that exists between Bottega Veneta and the region where it has always been proudly rooted, which allows for fruitful partnerships with local schools and institutions, including IUAV University of Venice. 


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