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Innovation in the Art of Jewelry, by Farnese Gioielli


Farnese Gioielli is the Italian Maison that combines luxury with innovation.
Founded in Rome in 2012 by Alberto Maria Serraino and Barbara Polli, it is based in Piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina, in Rome.

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The name Farnese was chosen to pay homage to one of Italy's most important aristocratic families, patrons of men of letters, artists and musicians.
Farnese Gioielli is the first high jewelry brand in the world to have transformed the static design, typical of jewelry, into a dynamic one, thanks to a unique patent. This is made possible by the "Spine" ("backs"), a system of mechanical closures and pavè of interchangeable precious stones, of which Farnese Gioielli holds licenses in 70 countries worldwide.

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Farnese Gioielli pays the utmost attention to research and innovation in the design of jewels and to the respect of the most ancient Italian lost wax craftsmanship. Unique processes that give each jewel, entirely Made in Italy, a timeless value.
Mondo Collection is the line of High Jewelry that Farnese Gioielli dedicates to the female inner universe.
The Spine is the essence and soul of the Mondo Collection, of universal size, which can be matched to any size of ring, a peculiarity that makes it unique in the world.

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The Spine are available in five colors: White Spine in diamonds, Green Spine in emeralds, Red Spine in rubies, Blue Spine in sapphires and Black Spine in black diamonds.
Luxor, Pantheon and Versailles are the names of the three models of rings and earrings that make up the Mondo Collection: Luxor with simple and clean geometric lines; Pantheon with two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds and Versailles with four rows of brilliant-cut diamonds. Names that evoke distant places and times, maximum expressions of three different ways of interpreting elegance. The three models vary in complexitỳ and number of diamonds set, and are made in two different versions: yellow gold, Mondo Gold, and white gold, Mondo White.

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Farnese Gioielli presents the exclusive Farnese Limited Edition: ring and earrings in yellow gold complete with back, 500 pieces, numbered inside, for a woman who wants to be "unique".
Share Your Smile Collection is the silver line entirely Made in Italy by Farnese Gioielli, dedicated to Operation Smile Italia Onlus Foundation: part of the proceeds of the sales is destined without time limit to fund the Onlus in support of children affected by cleft lip and palate.

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Rings, earrings and bracelets equipped with a system that allows you to easily and quickly customize the jewel with different colors of smile, or interchangeable bands made by hand with fine Italian leather that change the appearance of the jewel according to taste and outfit to match.
Smilies are available in different colors: the minimal and elegant "Black and White", the colorful and lively "Rio Smile Collection" (Yellow, Pink, Green and Heavenly) and the warmer colors of the "Aspen Smile Collection" (Night Blue, Grey, Orange and Bordeaux).

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This line is also handmade by Italian master artisans respecting the most ancient techniques of craftsmanship used for high jewelry.
The Share Your Smile Collection line can be purchased on the e-commerce site:

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