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#Innovation, #Research and #Quality: the secret of a Made in Italy story


Miriam and Piero Cividini, partners in the business and life, transfer their passion and careful research into every single piece of the CIVIDINI brand.
Their collections are the result of a clever mix of craftsmanship and modern technology.
CIVIDINI from season to season offers collections of extraordinary stylistic proposals and of excellent quality, both for the materials used and for the skilled craftsmanship of the garments.
If we think of Made in Italy, the real one, then we are talking about CIVIDINI.
It's amazing how this iconic brand that represents style, elegance, modernity and innovation, is able to preserve over the years that scrupulous attention to detail, that careful execution of creating a clothing that have made this brand a REAL guarantee of Made in Italy.

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Seamless sweaters made on antique hand looms

The cashmere used in their collections is unique, it is spun using the cotton method, which requires the use of very long and therefore very precious fibers. This particular process gives the sweater an incredible softness and prevents the formation of pilling.

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The paintings of some garments are made by the skilled hands of master craftsmen.
These pieces are part of a limited and numbered collection. Each piece follows a particular process and may take more than a week to complete.

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The "TIE & DYE" is an ancient dyeing technique originally from Japan and consists of the "ad hoc" folding of the garment before immersion in the dye, in order to obtain a design derived from the type of fold.
The Tie & Dye pieces are also part of a limited and numbered collection.

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"FATTO A MANO" is a limited edition knitwear capsule entirely produced with old hand looms, made of precious yarns such as cashmere, baby alpaca and silk.

CIVIDINI 03 08 19 6
"Fatto a Mano"

These are just some of the examples of garments made by CIVIDINI, a brand capable of preserving ancient craft traditions, but above all offering unique collections in stylistic terms, even for the most demanding customers who do not want to give up style and elegance with garments of high quality as a distinction of TRUE "Made in Italy"!

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