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Intimate desire


"Making all women feel at ease on any occasion" is the philosophy of the Made in Italy luxury Lingerie & Activewear brand Caramì.

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Caramì, founded in 2016 by two young Florentine sisters Carlotta and Camilla, was born to focus on quality, comfort and elegance, giving life to collections of pure femininity and comfort.

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Feeling refined, elegant and special is an important peculiarity for any woman. She knows that through the experience of her own skin in contact with lace silk transparencies, she is seductive, safe and at ease to face everyday life and any special occasion.

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Caramì is pure Made in Italy, with a wide range of refined and elegant lingerie, sportswear, and pajamas for the evening in velvet kimonos. 

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For anyone looking for quality and perfection in manufacturing and elegance, with a preference for the refinement of the real Made in Italy, Caramì's sublime collection will satisfy every "intimate" desire.

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© Caramì

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