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Into the shades

It interprets the element "Water" with natural reflections of light, color and transparent transparencies the new spring / summer 2019 collection of the Italian brand of Pomandère in which the fabrics immerse themselves and find new identity and character with degraded effects that transform the colors with declinations delicate and tonal.

The materials composed of natural fibers caress and highlight the body with delicacy and harmony. The lightness, the transparency, the exclusivity of the materials make possible shapes and thin volumes. The textures of the fabrics enhance their natural reflections, the laminated surfaces give the garments an iridescent look, making them unique and exclusive. The color palette offers four different color groups, coordinated with each other to create a single tonal spot full of charm and personality: like the mirrors of water with the declination of pinks, greens and blues; the depths emerged with the shades of green and copper and of the pinks that blend in a variety of colors that change from the natural shades of the rope. The homogeneity and color coherence are broken by bold and vivid touches like red poppy, pink peony, green sea water and lilac, highlighting a decisive and at the same time delicate and delicate femininity.

The precision and the tailoring of the cuts are flanked by exclusive prints that make the fabrics fluid and dynamic and testify to the craftsmanship and tailoring care.

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